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Make Yourself A Brand

The investment you make into a BRAND makes its name worth it.

Brand Icon

Who We Are

We don't Sell Products. We make Iconic Brands.

We are the pioneer strategic and creative branding firm with a reputation for launching and refreshing commercially specialized in the luxury, premium and niche brands and its affiliated sectors. Brand Icon is a bunch of young and inspired minds professionals who believe in making your business viral through their creativity and expertise. We love what we do and believe in doing it well. We connect businesses with customers through insight, intelligent thinking and unexpected creativity.

Brand Icon disciplines offer a holistic approach to brand-building, one that fuses strategy, innovation and experience to create solid brands that not only stand the test of time, but leverage the future.

We do Branding, to make our clients visible, differentiated, and relevant. Our aim is simple enjoy every single day of our lives, working with like-minded people who value our approach and who are prepared to give us the freedom to deliver truly creative solutions to their problems.

Brand Icon is a well known & Best Award Company in Patna. We do Award Advertising in Patna & get the awards by most reputed bollywood actors & actress by hosting award function in various cities. We are Award organization in Patna & Best Award Company in Patna.


We make your brand reliable, trustable & recognised.

Design & Development

We build your identity with eye catching Logo, Brochure, Print Ads, Filmmaking.


Promotion of your brand through online, offline & electronic media.

Behind The Scene

At the heart of Brand Icon is a small team of Creative & strategic professionals, all sharing in the same creative passion, philosophy and firm belief in the power of great ideas. we are dedicated to helping our clients develop more meaningful relationship with them.

What We Do

We are on a mission to inspire that means we treat every project & business client relationship as an opportunity to make a real.

We are a full-service Creative Agency in India. We develop marketing, & brand experiences that propel businesses forward. We are passionate about design, driven by strategy and strive for client success. We believe in the idea of a true collaborative partnership with our clients by working with transparency that embraces creativity, experimentation, and measurable results.

We focus on complete development of a brand through. strategic planning, research, public relations, naming, corporate identity, print, advertising and interactive media. It’s tough to stand out in the crowd. It’s also necessary. You have to prove that you’re in the same business as your competition and at the same time, show people what makes you different. Sociologists call the proper balance between fitting in and standing out the “acceptable deviation from the norm.” We just call it positioning.




Public Relations

Corporate Identity


Brand Icon's Upcoming Project

International Excellence Awards 2018, Thailand


Our Clients

We have a unique foresight tool that helps to imagine a believable future for your brand, show what it will look like, then plan how you will deliver it in the short, medium & long term all in the service of growth against a unifying brand vision.everyone who work with us gets foresight, and it works for everyone.

RESEARCH INSIGHTS+FUTURE FORESIGHT= FUTURE OF YOUR BRAND our research insight is engagement driven.

Transform your brand into a valuable asset
in your balance sheet.


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